How to get a loan for execution of the state contract?

Many businesses reach a high level of profits from participating in tenders. Today, almost every company can get a government contract. Only the customer needs to be sure that the winning company will work with him and that all work will be completed in a timely and efficient manner. Often additional costs are required, and then you need to take a loan to perform the state contract.


Working conditions

loan conditions

In order for a customer and a company to work together, the following conditions must be met:

  • document signature guarantee: for this purpose, the company provides a bank guarantee or accepts an offer loan;
  • refund of the deposit if the obligations are not fulfilled
  • the company must have the right amount of money to implement the necessary plans.


Contract functions

A loan for execution of a state contract is a type of loan provided by a bank to legal entities. The need arises from winning the competition. The money received is required for:

  • order fulfillment;
  • wage payments;
  • payments for services;
  • purchase of equipment, tools.

Compared to a normal loan, the loan fulfillment of the state contract is carried out quickly. The application is also assessed for a short period of time. Time to decide may be extended, but this rarely happens.


Opportunities with loan

Opportunities with loan

The loan for the implementation of the state contract opens several options:

  • work on several projects;
  • not to use working capital, but to direct it towards improving the company’s operations;
  • artificially replenish domestic assets;
  • increasing the competitiveness of the company through the fulfillment of government orders


Credit conditions

Money can be provided in the form of a classic loan with interest or as a credit line. Those wishing to do so should open a current account and submit a tender organization document stating that the applicant is the winner. In order for a bank loan to be executed in a bank, several conditions must be met:

  • business operation for more than a year;
  • lack of debt from suppliers and banks;
  • positive reputation;
  • experience in carrying out at least 1 government contract.

Bail is often required. They can be securities, real estate, raw materials. It is also important to have at least 2 guarantors who can be business owners, heirs or co-founders.


Loan options

Loan options

Money is issued in dollars based on the following parameters:

  • amount of 1 – 50 million dollars;
  • delivery time – contract duration + month;
  • payment rules are set individually;
  • The rate is from 14% per year.

The fulfillment of the state contract is considered a loan an effective instrument. Used correctly, it will help increase profits and facilitate winnings in future tenders. If a loan is provided to execute a government contract without collateral, additional conditions may apply.


List of documents

To use a loan, you need to prepare:

  • basic documentation;
  • annual accounts;
  • financial reporting to management;
  • tax certificates;
  • pledge information;
  • information on the fulfillment of these obligations;
  • documents with counterparties;
  • other important documentation.

Only if this list of documents is included will the application for a loan for the execution of the contract be taken into account. Sberbank offers a special offer. The rate is from 11.8% and the maximum amount is 600 million dollars . The loan period is 36 months.

Many Russian banks offer a loan to execute a state contract. Lite Lenders prepares long-term profitable loans and large amounts.


Verification of the debtor

debt loans

Sometimes an on-the-spot check of the person who applied is required. Remember to analyze credit history, financial opportunities. Only then is it decided whether to provide the debtor with funds.

Usually the money is issued on a common basis, if you have to provide a deposit, specify the purpose. If you arrange a loan for the fulfillment of the state contract, the ownership rights to the document are presented as collateral.



The procedure for concluding a contract is similar to the standard procedure. Registration allows you to participate in government orders if there are no large sums of money. Disbursement will help to implement many plans.

A company with 1 million dollars can complete a tens of millions of business with a state customer if the audit is complete. This should be done before getting the loan.


Fulfillment of obligations

money loans

The Bank may enter into a credit line agreement with the debtor without revolving. According to him, the funds paid to the current account can be used to execute the contract. The borrower pays interest as well as commission for issuing funds.

Banks offer insurance services to ensure the safety of property, health, credit. You should use this service. The loan obtained will be an excellent aid in the implementation of the company’s plans.

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